Avid Acceptance

We specialize in financing during bankruptcy. We know all the ins and outs to help you make a fresh start.

Servicing the Financial Industry for Nearly Two Decades

Avid Acceptance began with the aim to fulfill a clear need in the lending industry. Banking had generally become an impersonal experience, and few lenders were actually taking the time to put people first. Our founders wanted to set a higher standard by offering friendly service, easy accessibility, and prompt turnaround times. They wanted an account expert to personally review every applicant’s story instead of depending solely on computer-generated scores. Our founders knew that by putting people first, profits would come too. And it’s been a great formula for success: our company has grown considerably, and so has the number of people we’ve been able to affect in a positive way.

We Put People First

Avid Acceptance is founded on a common philosophy—putting people first. We’ve found that when we take exceptional care of our customers, partners, and colleagues, success will follow. That’s why we make ourselves easy to reach and easy to work with.