If you’re looking for a medical equipment financing, you’re probably already aware of the high cost of healthcare technology and the difficulty of obtaining funding to acquire such devices. At AvTech Capital, we work with a wide range of clients, from technology companies to medical offices. With our resources, we have underwritten many projects in the millions of dollars to successfully complete the acquisition of the tools our customers need. Some of the specific types of financing we have obtained for our clients include capital and operating leases, lines of credit, tax-advantaged financing, and term debt. Here’s a rundown of some of the specific programs we offer.

Medical Equipment Leasing

If you’re interested in hospital equipment leasing, AvTech Capital has you covered. We provide multiple terms and a quick application process. We also offer rates for a variety of credit scores. Some of the features of your business that we’ll want to analyze on your application include annual revenue and years in business. We will help you find the financial resources you need at a price you can afford.

Financing from AvTech Capital can be used for a wide variety of purposes. You can use our medical equipment leasing solutions to obtain EKG machines, diagnostic tools, office furniture, lab equipment, instruments, vital signs monitors, exam tables and lights, and computers. Other possible acquisitions include ventilators, diagnostic ECG, healthcare IT, mammography, nuclear medicine, surgical imaging, hospital beds, and ultrasound machines.

If you’re interested in a chiropractic equipment lease, we can handle that, too. Compared to other medical device leasing companies, we have a great amount of flexibility in the clientele we work with.

As an example, we recently provided a $670,000 lease for a behavioral health services company. It specializes in providing behavioral health and other medical services to the underserved. Some of the equipment obtained in this lease included furniture, fixtures and equipment, along with technical devices.

Another transaction we recently completed was a $4 million healthcare equipment lease. These funds will be used to provide imaging systems and other medical equipment to several hospitals throughout America. Both new and used medical devices have been obtained with the funds from the lease. The lease also included a leaseback for equipment that was already obtained.

Our healthcare equipment leasing services can provide similar resources for you and your operation. We can provide financing for up to 100% of a machine’s cost or needed upgrades to facilities. 

Healthcare Equipment Financing

Looking for financing and are needing it quickly? AvTech Capital can deliver the necessary funds that will provide the healthcare equipment financing your operation needs. Medical equipment financing from AvTech Capital comes with fixed-rate terms. Funds can be used for a variety of purposes, including tenant improvements and the purchase of new or used equipment.

One deal we recently completed was a $2 million lease for a large hospital. The funds are being used in stages over time to update surgical rooms. Obviously, this is a vital part of a hospital’s ongoing operations, and we were proud to be a part of this exciting project.

Another project we recently closed successfully was the funding of $2 million on three leases for a language translation company. The enterprise used its acquired funds to purchase office equipment, and to expand their facilities in Houston, TX, and Phoenix, AZ. We ensured that all ordered equipment was successfully delivered. Meeting deadlines was of paramount importance for this client, and AvTech Capital oversaw the entire transaction to ensure all targets were met.

Besides medical equipment like MRI machines and CT scanners, funds from an AvTech Capital loan can be used to purchase any necessary equipment for a medical facility’s operations such as HVAC equipment. Because this type of hardware is cost prohibitive, a long-term relationship with AvTech Capital can ensure your organization has the tools it needs to succeed.

Scientific Equipment Leasing

Research and scientific operations can certainly benefit from an infusion of funds to pay for on-going operations. Medical research in particular requires adequate financial support, and AvTech Capital has worked with these types of organizations.

For instance, we recently underwrote a $1.3 million acquisition of medical equipment for a publicly-listed pharmaceutical company. These important tools will be used in the laboratory to conduct vital research. A portion of the lease was used to reimburse the company for funds that were previously used to pay equipment vendors. Our scientific equipment leasing service has allowed this pharmaceutical group to focus more on research and development.

Another example of a lease that was successfully completed was a $1.2 million arrangement for a company that operates several medical facilities in the United States. The group was able to use its influx of cash to lease respirators and defibrillators for several of its medical clinics.

A third example of a recent lease we did for a non-profit healthcare provider was a $900,000 deal. The organization provides assisted living arrangements for the elderly. Funds were used to acquire furniture, fixtures, and equipment for a new facility. We provided progress funding over a period of 6 months, ensuring that funds were obtained in a timely manner.

Medical Equipment Financing

Hospital equipment financing could benefit other types of medical groups as well. Imaging centers, ambulatory surgery centers, oncology facilities, and physician groups are just a few examples of other institutions we can assist in the acquisition of vitally-needed funds. Staffing services, outpatient clinics, and acute care hospitals are also good candidates.

In the near future, as more Baby Boomers reach retirement age, there is expected to be greater demand for assisted-living centers, stand-alone memory care centers, and skilled-nursing facilities. Besides constructing such buildings, funds could be used for acquisition, refinancing, or substantial rehabilitation of existing facilities.

AvTech Capital’s laboratory equipment financing services have also been used to improve medical office infrastructure. A recent loan we provided was a $750,000 outlay for improvements to office space at a multi-specialist physicians group.


AvTech Capital’s Experience in Healthcare Financing

At AvTech Capital, we have experts who work with healthcare providers to obtain the financial solutions they need. Our goal is to build a long-term collaboration with medical institutions so that they can have a dependable source of funds when they need financing.

In order for your organization to successfully acquire the equipment it needs at affordable lease terms, you have to have an experienced partner to help you navigate through the complexity of this industry. AvTech Capital will take time to learn about your business goals and needs. Then we will sit down and develop a customized financial game plan that will help you to achieve your objectives at terms that are acceptable to you. The ultimate goal is to create a sustainable alliance where our services can help your business grow over the long term.

With AvTech Capital financing, you’ll be able to acquire the tools you need to succeed. Whether you’re looking for property upgrades, new equipment, or an electronic healthcare records (EHR) system, our financial resources can give you the ability to get to where you want to be.

Besides building a partnership with you, we will also try to understand the market in which you operate and how you can be more competitive. With our experience in healthcare financing, we are one partner you don’t want to leave behind.

If you would like to hear more about the resources your business may be qualified for, give AvTech Capital a call at 801.748.2200 or send us an email.